Best Cleaning Laundry Detergent

Are you intending to buy a cleaning laundry detergent? So, which are the best ones in the market? To find out the answers, I did a research and made a list of all the most recommended cleaning laundry detergent.

All of cleaning laundry detergent on our page are precisely selected form Amazon. They are highly rated and highly recommended by customers. So I believe you will find a cleaning laundry detergent suits your needs.

All you need to do is to read this page carefully and choose one for yourself.

Great Cleaning Laundry Detergent

Tide Free and Gentle High Efficiency Unscented Detergent, 50 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Get great performance out of your HE washer with Tide HE Free and Gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent while using only a fraction of the amount of water used in traditional machines.

Expert Advice
  • “Leave clothes smelling fresh and clean.” – C. Werner
  • “Tide Free and Gentle works as promised, cleaning my clothing without any dyes or perfumes that would wreak havoc on my very sensitive skin.” – Amazon Customer
  • “I had tried the Tide Stain Release with other laundry detergents, but have gotten the best results when I use it with Tide 2X Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent.” – M. Lafferman

Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry 4x, Free and Clear, 40 Fl Oz. 2 Count
Seventh Generation

Our most technologically-advanced formula yet uses multiple enzyme systems to fight the toughest stains. This powerful 4X formula delivers the same number of loads as a typical 80 ounce 2X laundry bottle.

Customer Reviews
  • “This product is great, It and It works just as well as other detergents that are made with harsh ingredients.” – Matt
  • “It smells pleasant and leaves our clothes feeling fresh and clean.” – Doc Stew
  • “Seventh Generations liquid laundry detergent is a clear winner.” – Tracy Rowan

Seventh Generation Powder Laundry Concentrated, Free and Clear, 112-Ounce (Packaging May Vary)
Seventh Generation

Life throws a lot of things at your laundry. With Seventh Generation’s NEW Natural Powder Laundry Concentrate in your Standard or High Efficiency machine, you can use less and still see super-concentrated cleaning power.

Customer Reviews
  • “This product works well and has an "A" rating from EWG!” – staarlight
  • “I love all seventh generation products and was curious to see if powder detergent would work as well as liquid.” – Kristen Gilliland
  • “Great for sensitive skin.” – gbusey69

Dropps Baby Laundry Detergent Pacs, Scent, Dye and Enzyme-Free, 20-load pouch (pack of 3)

Dropps Baby laundry detergent pacs contain an innovative formula with a split personality: tough on dirt and odors, but sensitive on baby skin. For a kinder clean, we removed optical brighteners and enzymes to keep fabrics vibrant, soft and looking better, longer.

Product Ratings
  • “They seem to do a good job cleaning.” – Alexis Coxon
  • “With the Dropps Scent, Dye & Enzyme Free detergent I have no problems at all!!” – Dogs & Horses
  • “I liked that the clothes came out without scents, fluffy and clean.” – Holly K. Lee

Method Smarty Dish Plus Dishwasher Detergent 24ct, Fragrance Free
Method (AOXI9)

Method Smarty Dish Plus Dishwasher Detergent PacksTough loads are no match for Smarty Dish Plus, with triple-action cleaning power. Each naturally derived detergent power pack dissolves fast, unleashing mineral-based cleaners to target tough stains and tackle stubbornly sticky food, even in hard water – all without phosphates or chlorine bleach.

  • “These work well in our dishwasher.” – BCB
  • “Leaves dishes clean and spotless!” – Tasha Corbin
  • “We liked it because no other detergent worked for our hard water.” – Mitra

Seventh Generation Natural 2X Concentrated Laundry Detergent, 33 Loads, Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender 50oz.
Seventh Generation

2x uses less. 50oz = 100oz in usesMakes 32 Loads

Consumer Reviews
  • “That is one of my favorite features—goodbye to nasty, fake, chemical smells; hello to subtly scented clean clothes!” – O. Brown
  • “I would not recommend this detergent to anyone, even though it looks like others have had no issues with it.” – E. Stewart
  • “I’m happy that I have NOT had any allergic reaction of any kind.” – Nancy Skiba

Planet Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent, Unscented, 100 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2)

A powerful detergent that is tough on stains, but gentle on skin. Contains no perfumes, dyes, enzymes or optical brighteners – additives that typically remain on your clothes even after rinsing and can cause skin irritation.

Tide Original Scent, 50-Ounce

The Tide with Acti-Lift formula contains technologies to help lift off stains with ease.

Clorox 30036 Liquid Concentrated Bleach, Regular Fragrance, 22 fl oz Bottle

Tackle any mess with less. Clorox concentrated regular bleach has all the cleaning power of bigger bottles, but in a smaller, easier-to-use package. Our new concentrated formula is powerful enough to stand up to whatever life throws your way.

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